31 Aug 2020

A leaking pipe is never good news for a household. It not only means that you have a plus on your to-do list for the day but potential water damage that may end in catastrophe, if not paid heed to at once. So, when it comes to plumbing problems, putting off is not an option. You should call a professional at the first sign of a leaky pipe. If you are looking to hire the best plumber in La Habra, your search ends here. So, welcome!

As you give the plumbing company a call, owing to pipe troubles in your house, you may find yourself wondering what put you in such a messy situation in the first place. In this blog post, we will answer that ‘why.’ Here are the major reasons for leaky pipes:

  1. Often, the leaky pipe situation is linked to pipe blockages, most likely your sewage pipes. Tree roots get into your drainage pipes through which wastewater flows out of the house. This leads to a blockage situation whereby things like toilet paper, food bits, and other debris gets caught up in your wastewater. As the blockage builds over time, there ultimately comes a point where wastewater can’t get through the drains when you shower or flush the toilet. The water needs another escape route, thus, leaky pipes. 
  2. If you notice a crack in your pipe, you need to take immediate action. The cracked pipe is a sign of weakness in your pipes that will eventually result in failure of the system. Initially, it may just be a drip but sooner or later the pipe walls will succumb to the building pressure.
  3. This may come as a surprise but corrosion is a potent reason why your pipes may be leaking. Pipes are usually metal and it is obvious that they rust with time. Rust eats the pipe away leading to leaks.
  4. Your plumbing is not a continuous piece. There are different appliances it supplies water to. Seals are put in various sections of the system to ensure every connection remains leak proof. There are chances of these seals drying or wearing out. Any time you have some plumbing work going on in your home, do make it a point to get the seals checked and updated if needed.

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