13 May 2020
Repiping your home water system is a great way to enjoy uninterrupted water flow throughout the home and boost the delivery of hot/cold water to the fixture. However, when to get it done is often hard to tell. Most homeowners do not call a plumber until the water system completely deteriorates or becomes catastrophic, bearing the massive cost of replacing the overall system. But you can save yourself from such expenses by repiping as soon as you notice problems in your water supply.

Here are a few signs that tell it’s time to choose the best copper repiping services in Downey:

Low water pressure

Low or unbalanced water pressure in your faucets/showers is a clear sign that pipes have severely corroded, and need replacement. Corrosion builds up inside the pipes, reducing the water pressure in sinks, showers, and faucets.

Extreme temperature fluctuations or scalding showers

Hot water pipes deteriorate faster than cold water pipes. And when they deteriorate, corrosion buildup gets trapped within the anti-scaling devices built into showers, valves, sinks, and other areas. This prevents them from working normally, and you may start to experience fluctuations in water temperatures.

Discolored water

When water pipes corrode, the corrosion buildup gets mixed with the water running through the pipe. This causes the water to become brown or red. If you see this sign, it’s time to get an excellent copper to repipe in Downey.

Recurring leaks

When a water system collapses, it begins to leak. However, many people think of minor leaks as leaks related to faucets or showers and call in a plumber to fix them. While it’s the case in some instances, if a leak is recurring and doesn’t get fixed easily, it’s a sign that indicates your water pipe network is on the verge of failure.

Final note

Water system damage is inevitable and occurs in every home. The only difference is the cost of getting it fixed. While some people wait to repipe until it gets damaged severely, others get it repiped as soon as they notice a problem in their water supply, saving thousands of dollars.

If you want to choose the best copper to repipe in Downey, get in touch with us today. We provide the best copper repiping services in and around La Habra.

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