18 Feb 2020

If you haven’t gone through the tumult that an earthquake causes, then you surely must have seen the dangers that it brings on the news or heard about the difficulties that ensue once it has taken place from friends and relatives. Earthquake is a catastrophe that deeply impacts the foundations of your house. The water system of the house is hugely affected and so are electrical and sewer lines. One of the greatest dangers is the busting of gas lines, which ultimately results in problems such as leaks, fires, or even explosions.

CJ’s Plumbing and Rooter services are known for providing unparalleled plumbing services in California. We know the dangers that an earthquake can cause in the houses of Californians and to bring down those repercussions, we provide excellent earthquake shut-off valve service. What is this service all about? Read on to understand its importance.

The foremost thing for you to understand is how the gas lines operate. Your house receives gas via the lines the run through the street and goes back through your gas company’s meter. In situations where there’s a requirement to turn off your gas supply, your first locate that meter and then turn it off. But this same process of switching off the gas meter becomes extremely difficult during an earthquake. The damage could be already done before you locate the meter and switch it off. Forget about a full-blown earthquake, even a small tremor can lead to serious trouble.

By installing an earthquake shut-off valve, also known as earthquake seismic valve, on your meter, you do not need to do anything in the event of an earthquake. The valve uses motion sensor technology to observe seismic activity and determines the flow of gas during an earthquake. It will quickly stop the flow of gas to your house as soon as it notices any sort of seismic activity. The majority of the people cannot quickly detect gas leaks and by the time they do realize this, the harm is mostly done.

To avoid such potentially deadly scenarios, it is best to have an earthquake shut-off valve installed in your house. Our fully trained and experienced plumbers know the importance of such a valve and will do a diligent job at your residence as they are famous for providing the best plumbing service in Whittier. Apart from this, our plumbers are also trained to fix a host of other plumbing issues such as clogged drains and sinks, sewer repairs, water heater repairs, low water pressure, and many other plumbing jobs.

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