19 Sep 2017

If you have recently seen sewage water running over your entire bathroom or perhaps concealed under the crawl spaces or pavement, its time you contact an experienced, licensed plumbing service without further ado.

A professional will carry out an initial free diagnosis with the help of a high-grade camera inspection service that can help in understanding where the problem is and devising the best one-time solution.

When should you call an expert?

  1. Cacophony of roaring sounds in the toilet: If a blockage arises in a gas ventilating system results into gurgling sounds. Note this early warning and take proactive measures.
  2. Robust odor around your property: Under a leaky sewer, nasty smell is quite common. In such cases, a qualified plumber will suggest professional solution with an electric snake or power auger.
  3. Backups become an everyday affair: Regular backups of sink and toilet indicate a major problem with the main sewer line.
  4. Growth of mold on walls and ceilings: Mold requires humidity to flourish. When the sewage system has some inherent problem, mold growth tends to increase.

If any of the aforementioned 4 signs appear, calling a professional for main line repair in Whittier, CA is the smartest thing to do!

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