02 Feb 2017

Diagnosed the problem of sewer blockage. Determined that our clay pipes were all broken at the joints and filled with tree roots. Could not use roto-rooter due to the breaks in pipe. Ultimately inserted 40′ of plastic sleeving inside the broken pipes and created a whole new pathway to the sewer. The work was completed in one day, as promised.

Member Comments:
Jason from CJ’S Plumbing answered my call for help and came to my home promptly. We thought it was a simple blockage in the sewer line that could be fixed with the rooter treatment. It was not. The following morning he returned with the camera equipment and found that the line was filled with tree roots and the pipe joints were broken. The had to insert a sleeve and filler to give us a new and workable system. The sewer line extended from the house, under our concrete stairway and down to the street. Luckily, we had the option of fixing it with the sleeve insert and this allowed the repair without having to break up and dig through the concrete.
Two workers completed the entire job in one day. They were clean and courteous and professional at all times. Jason told us what the problem way, showed the pictures using the camera inside the pipe, explained the method he planned to use to fix it and we agreed.
Our property was left in clean and intact condition. All holes were filled in with dirt and all debris cleaned and disposed of. They even washed off our stair steps and porch and left everything clean and tidy.
We are very pleased with the work and we were given a warranty on the work performed. I would use this company again if the need arose.

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