07 Jul 2020
Having your yard torn apart for getting the sewer lines repaired or replaced breaks your heart too. Your landscaping and walkways look disastrous and become unusable because of the mess left behind by the conventional sewer repair method that involves digging up trenches. Additionally, the process is time-consuming and sort of redundant given there exists a trenchless pipe repair option that you may opt for! So, whether you have a clogged drain or a damaged pipe, go with trenchless. Before we look at the benefits that come with the trenchless option, those of you who are on a quest to find a reliable clogged drain repair in Whittier, CA, welcome!

There is more to choosing the trenchless option than saving your landscaping. Here are 5 reasons why you ought to favor trenchless over conventional:

1. Convenience – The conventional method requires more time as compared to the trenchless method. With the innovative trenchless technique, your sewer lines will be repaired much faster. Honestly speaking, nobody wants their yard occupied for weeks by a sewer repair crew. So, always go with trenchless technology for clogged drain repair in Whittier, CA.

2. Affordability – Opting for trenchless technology also saves you money. It doesn’t require huge digging equipment because all that needs to be dug are two small holes. As the digging is minimal, the clean-up reduces drastically as well. The labor cost also goes down because just a few technicians can handle the job at hand with ease.

3. Quality – The quality of trenchless pipe repairs is always so much better as compared to traditional trench pipe repairs. Seamless Polyethylene piping and cured-in-place liners are used in the former. Both are really good quality material. Your piping is also secure from tree rot evasions and cracks. It is even corrosion-free and this reduces the chances of future sewage problems.

4. Reduced Intrusions – If you have had your sewer lines replaced or repaired using the traditional method, you would know how irritating the loud noise can get, not just for you, but for the neighbors as well. The trenchless option saves you all such troubles.

5. Improved functionality – Apart from saving you future pipe woes, trenchless technology even improves the functionality of your sewer system. The use of pipe liners enhances flow capacity and you get a cleaner water supply.

In CJ’s Plumbing and Rooter Services, you will find a reliable clogged drain repair in Whittier, CA. We provide the no-dig solution to all your sewer problems! Get in touch for clogged drain repair in Whittier, CA.

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