13 Feb 2018

To answer that question let’s first focus on the problems associated with traditional trenching and why exactly should you move on to a far better replacement?

Inserting new or replacing old trenching includes a lot of hectic measures such as digging and tearing apart your meticulously structured hardscaping, landscaping, and driveways. Not just that, you have to spend at least thousand bucks to tip off the authorities for letting you dig in front of your house. This figure can plummet up to 20k if any harm is caused to the state-owned properties or main sewer line.

Although trenchless sewer system has been around for over 15 years, many people aren’t yet accustomed to its working and extensive range of benefits.
Let’s try to change that fact, today!

Trenchless sewer replacement is of two types:

(i) Pipe-Lining
(ii) Pipe-Bursting

Pipelining, also known as “cured-in-place pipe,” is accompanied with blowing or pulling a resin coated tube at the site of damage. It is then inflated and hardened to form a pipe within a pipe structure that is corrosion resistant and jointless.

It’s a largely conceived misconception that doing this will reduce the amount of wastage that you used to dump into the main sewers. It undoubtedly reduces the diameter of the original pipe by a quarter of an inch, but won’t affect the waste removal capacity of the pipeline.

The process incorporates just one hole digging at the access point, however, if the lateral pipe has already collapsed or has a lot of joints then pipe-bursting is to be followed.

It involves digging an access hole at either side to pull a new pipe through the damaged one. The process is supported by simultaneously bursting the old pipe outwards.

Depending on your locality, the cost of installing trenchless sewer may vary. However, even if it supersedes the price of conventional digging, you’re entitled to almost zero restoration cost afterward. You are suggested to consult with an expert around your area to find what works best for you, trenching or trenchless.

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